The Love No Ego Foundation Presents

"Love - No Covid"... a short documentary film. 

       Students, here's your chance to be featured in our documentary film and have your story shared in the Virginia Film Festival, one of the most respected regional destination film festivals in the United States!

A 30-minute film that gives students a global voice and platform to express their concerns, challenges, and silver linings involving their experiences surrounding the corona virus...aka covid-19.

To help adults, parents, educators, etc., and youth-serving organizations learn about them, their challenges, and how we can help them during times of crisis. To understand how we can better help them prepare, get through, and overcome challenging times, hardships, and life-altering incidents. To reduce fear and build resiliency. 

1-minute film talk
Quick Tip: Be You!


Ages 10-24 

  • Get approval from Mom, Dad, or Legal Guardian, and you guys both complete approval registration below. 


  • Send your video to In the Subject Field of your email put: LOVE - NO COVID . You will then receive a confirmation of receipt email.

  • Submission deadline is June 15th, 2020. 

We are excited to hear this piece of your story! Thank You! 

Give Us Permission and Consent 

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