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LoveNoEgo Health

In order to remain safe during this challenging time, all Training Sessions have moved to either an online format or outdoors. 

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No Ego  -  No Fear  -  No Conflict

Exercise is human performance. Despite the level of the client, Freddy incorporates precise exercises to the youth that encompasses personal development and goal achievement. His expertise provide life-changing motivation and optimal performance that ensures that each client is living their best quality of life. 


Sessions can and often times are paired with Mentoring Sessions. In our efforts and goals of achieving the greatest level of personal development, we believe in empowering our youth, our clients, with the vision of being the best well-rounded human they can be, enabling them to grow spiritually, physically, and psychologically. 




  • Certified via National Council For Certified Personal Trainers

  • Postural Corrective Methods Certified

  • CPR, First Aid Certified

  • Insured

  • M.A. Sports and Performance

  • M.A. Sport, Fitness, and Wellness Management

  • Over 10 Years Training Experience

Training Available for Ages 10 and up.

"Freddy is amazing! He's been working with my 11 year-old son Ben for almost 6 months now. The way he inspires and reaches not only my kid, but other kids, is so effective. He has a gift. Ben is not only a better athlete. He is a better person. I simply love the message of LoveNoEgo that Freddy brings to inspire our kids."


- Nicky S.


"I've known Freddy for about a year now and he is one of the most positive people I've ever met! After a few sessions with Freddy, my 5th grade daughter developed this wonderful and positive outlook on life. It was shocking to me. But I love it. She embraces moments and believes in herself a lot more.

- Leslie B.

"My Grandson, who plays high school sports in Maryland, comes to stay with me every summer. Last summer, I signed him up with Freddy to train. Teaching him how to maximize his ability and talent while also mentoring him to be a productive young man is what really stood out to me about the results of Freddy's training.


- Phil B. 

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