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Title: Selflessness vs. Selfishness

Date: 01/02/2020

Author: Kyle Ervin

Selflessness vs. Selfishness

Hey, YOU. You're Selfish.

The motto is simple: Love, No Ego. But, we battle our inner human nature daily. The nature that is inherently selfish - one that seeks individual gain over the needs of others.
Think about a time when you've given a gift, your time, your energy, or your love to someone.

Let's say you planned a romantic date for your partner, because you wanted to surprise them and let them know how much you love them.
You go to the grocery store, buy all of their favorite things, get ingredients to make a special dinner, and set the house up just right.
After you're done cooking dinner and your partner arrives, you're so excited, but the vibe is just a bit off with them.

Unknowingly, their mood changes yours too. You start to feel like all the effort you went through isn't appreciated; this is because you're making it about yourself.
Instead of trying to realize what your partner may be going through, you fixate on their reaction.

Later on down the road, you may count all the times you've done special things for this person and compare them to the amount of times they've done special things for you.

This is our selfish human nature at work. This is where we go wrong.

Deep down, we all want love to be reciprocated. We all want to feel wanted and appreciated.
In every type of relationship, there is give and take. The key to remember is that we need to give unconditionally and take humbly.

When your loved one can only give 20%, you give 80. When you can only give 20%, they give 80.
In an ideal world, it would always match up to 100, but many times it doesn't. This is why we all have to work on ourselves daily.

When we live without ego, it's not about us - it's about building each other up.

It takes a big heart, one that is ever-flowing, to build without expecting anything in return.

Think about an ancient village that gets its water from a well everyday.
The village needs water to survive, doesn't it?

Water is the life force that keeps us all going.

But, when the people of the village draw water from the well, does the well ever stop flowing for them?

No, because it has no expectation. It gives what it can to the village every day, because the people need it.

The day may come when the well runs dry, but that means it has given all it has left to give.

The same should be true for us - our water, life force, love, energy...whatever you want to call it, should flow constantly through others without expectation.

In 2020, let's remember the message of selfless giving. It may be a battle, but it's one worth fighting.
Let's be humble servants to the world. Let's build a place where we can all inspire others and create amazing things.

Let's give love even when we don't receive love, just because we know everyone needs as much as they can get.

Happy New Year, y'all! Let's make this one ROAR.

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