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Meet Freddy Jackson
Speaker, Mentor, Personal Trainer, & Author 


Meet Nina Powar


“I am a math and science teacher. I enjoy mentoring students to reach their truest potential and to help them realize that adversities do not stop success. My passion is to help students and youth see past their struggles and help them believe that goals are achievable even with adversities.”   


  • Supportive Listening

  • Learner-centered

  • Solution-centered 

  • Goal-centered design


GOALS: (varies)

  • To Provide Social-Emotional Support

  • Reduce Daily Pressures 

  • Enable Excellent Decision Making Skills 

  • Enhance Daily Positive Behavior

  • Goal Achievement

  • Positive Growth

  • Become Healthier & More Physically Fit



Online Sessions includes but not limited to positive support conversation and dialogue, cognitive, behavioral, and physical enhancement exercises, and or goal setting sessions. 



  • 30 minutes 

  • One on One or Group Sessions



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An instant online support program to help combat the fears and pressures, including depression and anxiety for our youth and young adults ages 10-24.
LNE Online Youth Support Session
30 min

The Love No Ego Foundation provides real-world development for youth and young adults ages 10-24, utilizing its principles, Love over Ego, Love over Fear, & Communication over Conflict, helping them to overcome challenges, find purpose, and live their true greatness.

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