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Utilizing fitness and personal training, our youth learn to value health, wellness, play, and competition. Not only does this help them to feel good about themselves, but it also helps them to develop the skills and characteristics to be better at their respective sport or level of participation, as well as making them productive individuals in life. 

One example is that we help them to recognize the difference between confidence and ego, and from which space they are playing and competing. We get to the truth behind it all, which is to always give your best and improve everyday. 

  • ​Goal Achievement

  • Proper Instruction

  • Accountability and Efficiency

  • Motivation and Positive Attitude

  • Helps Participants Go Beyond Wins and Losses 

​And Amazing Health Benefits

  • Improved Brainpower and Higher IQ

  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes

  • Improved Immune System Function

  • Improved Sleep and Mood

  • Stronger Bones

  • Weight Loss

  • Increased Energy Levels

Our trainers and coaches attain a very high level of emotional intelligence and the ability to coach multiple personalities with one common goal; which is for each participant to become the best version of themselves. With the LoveNoEgo principles, we are able to change lives, alter the learning environment, promote love, dedication, and discipline- guiding our clients to unlimited potential.

The Love No Ego Foundation and it ATHLETIC PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM thank our partners, in-kind sponsors, and donors who support our youth in living their best! 


A few that has helped us become better.

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