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Upholding the mission, principles, and vision of Love...NoEgo, The Volunteer Advocate Team is a volunteer community outreach team that advocates for Love and Communication. Our advocation purpose includes supporting the LoveNoEgo Brand of ensuring success for our kids and young adults. We encourage volunteers of all kinds as we aim to utilize your strengths and areas of passions to help strengthen our team and better this world. 

Volunteer Coordinators:

Sade Garcia

Cris Mardres


There are many ways to get involved. Overall, we want to teach and show the youth how to live from their natural love space rather than the egotistical space. And we do that through four main services: Motivational Speaking, Mentoring, Workshops, and Athletic Training.

Feel free to check out these links if you haven't already.

  • Assist and or Table at  Community and Organizational Events and Workshops

  • Community Clean-up of The Love No Ego Foundation Roadway

  • Recruitment of Other Volunteers

  • Connect With Other Organizations, Individuals, or Groups with Similar Missions

  • Perform Administrative and Social Media Acts

  • Create, Help Create, and or Lead Programs and Events

Interested in joining the team and or the discussion? Want to advocate for Love and Communication? Good! Because we love you and want to hear your story! Let's use our story to inspire the world!

Background Check Required.

Email Sade or Cris right now to connect!

View/Print our Volunteer Agreement. We ask that volunteers commit to one year of purposeful acts with us. 

Thank You!

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