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Love No Ego Teenagers


Bringing Young People's Vision and Ideas to Life

The "Love...No Ego" (LNE YAB) Youth Advisory Board is committed to ensuring that The Love No Ego Foundation's work is driven directly by the vision and priorities of young people. Our LNE YAB consists of 20 young adults ages 16-24 who make certain that our work consistently supports the mission of The Love No Ego Foundation as well as amplifying youth voices locally, nationally, and globally.


LNE YAB members enjoy leadership development through various trainings and advocacy throughout the year, quarterly meetings with LNE Foundation Board and Team Members to discuss their ongoing projects and provide feedback, along with the opportunity to diversify their personal and professional networks.

The LNE YAB is a diverse group that does not have direct voting power within the LNE Foundation, but they help influence our decisions heavily while allowing us to maintain a relevant push on how young adults locally and all across the world of all different backgrounds think and feel about life's challenges. 

Standing on The Four Pillars 





And Manifesting 

Positive Personal Development
Youth Entrepreneurship
Intuitive Education and Growth
Community Engagement and Support
Project-based Learning

Youth Benefits and Perks

Build friendships across the globe
Host community events
Enhance leadership skills
More traveling opportunities
Build an impressive resume
Promote and cause healthy changes in society
Increase status and stature in the community
Widen career opportunities


Members of the LNE YAB help to improve programs and overall impact. 


For more information about joining the LNE YAB, contact us by sending an email to or by calling (434) 262-0442

Next Steps: 1) Contact us 2) Complete LNE YAB Form 3) Interview 4) Join the Team 5) Connect to Resources 6) Take Action

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