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We Kick The "The Truth For Our Youth" Channel

Freddy helps to inspire students through the "Truth For Our Youth" Channel, providing instructional, real action steps to living their best lives!

  • Reducing Peer Pressure

  • Release From Conforming and "Fitting in"

  • How to Handle Bullying

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Becoming Fit and Healthy 

  • Reducing Anxiety

  • Handle Drinking and Smoking Pressures

  • Kicking out Depression

  • Eating Good Food

  • Having and Finding Purpose in Life

  • Monetizing and Making Money Off of Your Talents

  • Inspirational Episodes and Support Takes 

  • Live Videos (pre-scheduled with students & classrooms)

  • Guest Appearances

  • Video Comments and Discussions


For Ages 10-24


These "Episodes" are uploaded! They are here for promote student success. They can be watched at each individual's pace. 
They are listed in numerical order and the "Episodes" are the more in-depth instructional and presentation videos. 
"Support Takes" are the additional and supportive videos in-between the episodes that can be watched at any given time. 
For maximum effect, it is recommended that participants watch the videos in the listed order.  
Click on Episode 1 to begin!

Episode 3: "The Love No Ego Principles"

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