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The Love No Ego Foundation helps youth and young adults ages 10-24, go beyond egotistical pressures, and live with purpose. 


  • Spirituality - We  are spirited beings by nature.  We help young people recognize their  potential and create healthy  identities. We are not affiliated with any religion or religious entities.


  • Exercise - We are made to move. Nature-play, hiking, and physical training, exercise, or movement are key components of great overall  health and positive personal development. The Love No Ego Foundation is a team of certified personal trainers, trained yoga instructors, certified nutritionists, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. 


  • Education - We believe in education. The process of giving and receiving systematic instruction grounded in knowledge, experiences, ethics, and morals, are critical for true growth. 


  • Community - Community is important. Connecting young people to the community through various projects, workshops, and events, we help to develop an attitude of helping and giving while inspiring them to bring changes in society.


  • Love Over Ego

  • Love Over Fear

  • Communication Over Conflict

We use our core principles in demonstrating to the youth how to actively choose:



That every youth should have the tools to make positive decisions and create positive experiences, giving them sustainable inspiration to live their best life. 

 We believe:


  • Motivational Speaking - boosting the morale and esteem of the whole environment

  • Workshops - in-depth collaboration and communication addressing the everyday pressures of our youth

  • Mentoring - one on one sessions providing the tools for sustainable growth

 Contact us today to bring the message of Love...No Ego to your school or organization. 

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