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LNE Workshops

Creatively ridding the ego, and encouraging young people to be themselves. 

Here are some examples of the workshops (and a brief description of each) that we host for our youth and young adult (ages 10-24) community. We partner with schools, colleges and universities, residential treatment facilities, churches, and more,  See below!

Learn more and Contact us to bring a workshop to your students, environment, or even to your team members. 

Love No Ego Foundation Cereal Buffet

"The Ce'real Buffet" is a fun, empowering, and eye-opening workshop that celebrates diversity by sharing similarities and celebrating differences. Treating the cereal as different walks of life (shapes, sizes, colors) living in the bowl (world) together, and completing exercises that enhance acceptance, support, adaptability, and being present within oneself. And of course, we eat cereal!



Love No Ego Workshops, Too Much Media, Not Enough Social

"Too Much Media, Not Enough Social" focuses on social media, how to effectively use the tool, and not allowing the tool to use them (our youth). We also touch on closing the digital divide and sharing educational practices and evolution involving technology. 

Love No Ego Foundation Outdoor Adventures

LNE Outdoor Adventures are just that; outdoor adventures! We take participants out into Nature to naturally explore, nature-play, meditate, share in conversations, and simply create a safe and trusting space and connection that helps them see the value in adopting and practicing  the "Love...No Ego" message for themselves. We use nearby trails and parks, including The Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive. 

Love No Ego Workshops

LNE Goal-Setting Workshops are super empowering! We lead youth participants through the goal setting process, helping them to discover what they Love, why they Love it, and how to experience it! We also integrate the importance of time-management skills, strengthen and heighten their memory capabilities, and help them to minimize distractions. It's such an awesome workshop!

Love No Ego Workshops

Meditations, Human Be Still Workshop! In a world of constant movement, noise, and stimuli, can you be still? Why or Why not? We introduce fun stages and fun forms of meditation that gradually get youth back to themselves.

Discussions and activities surrounding walking meditations, static back meditations, LNE's make your bed meditations, LNE's fold your clothes meditations, gratitude meditations, listening meditations, and more!

Love No Ego Workshops

Gratitude Workshop!

We facilitate creative ways for  the youth to see the many gifts, assets, and love that surrounds them! Helping them to 

consciously practice gratitude reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, LNE have found that a single act of thoughtful gratitude produces an immediate 10% increase in their happiness, and a 35% reduction in depressive symptoms. Let's keep them grateful! 

Contact: - (434) 262-0442

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