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Sponsor a Mentee 

Help us help them.

You and or your business can sponsor a mentee with the Love No Ego Foundation, making a monetary donation and or sharing of resources and items for our mentees.

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Sponsorship Perks

Perks include:

  • Being a part of a great cause and trusted brand: ""Love...No Ego"

  • In-person or virtual meet and greet with your Sponsored Mentee during one of his/her sessions.

  • Free admission and recognition (if chooses to) at our Events

  • Receive updated success stories of your Sponsored Mentee

  • Job and career placement with your company if applicable. 

  • Get listed on our website as a Sponsoring Partner

  • Knowing that your contribution is helping young people become better people through our Mentoring Program 

We would love to partner with you or your business and organization in serving our young people!

To inquire more, please send an email to or give us a call at (434) 262-0442. 

Care to Donate right now? 

  • $83 helps to provide 1 Love...No Ego Mentoring Session (1.5 hour minimum in length)

  • $166 helps to provide 2 Love...No Ego Mentoring Sessions (and so on).

  • $1000 helps to provide 3 months of Love...No Ego Mentoring! We typically start off with at minimum of 12 weeks/3 months of mentoring for our mentees. 

  Sponsor a Mentee Donation Form

Thank You....#lovenoego

See Our 2021 Impact Report  

Thank You....#lovenoego


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