Patti Clifford - LoveNoEgo Advocate

"I am a lover of children, 4 grown and 8 grand babies. I want to be a conduit of love in this world for them. My 15 year-old grandson is of mixed background. I want him to be safe, no matter what neighborhood he is in. I want to be a part of the discussion and solution for that." 

                    Patti Clifford 

Upholding the mission, principles, and vision of LoveNoEgo, The Volunteer Advocate Team is a volunteer community outreach team that advocates for Love and Communication. Our advocation purpose includes supporting the LoveNoEgo Brand of ensuring success for our kids and young adults.


  • Recruitment of Volunteers

  • Table at Community Events

  • Assist in Organizational Events and Workshops

  • Connect With Other Organizations, Individuals, or Groups with Similar Missions

"LoveNoEgo empowers you to want to step out of your day, live, and be a part of something bigger. The opportunity to help and influence positive changes in our community, especially for our youth, speaks to my heart."

                 Lisa Churchman

*Volunteer & Advocate Team Coordinator

Interested in joining the team and or the discussion? Want to advocate for Love and Communication? Good! Because we love you and want to hear your story! Let's use our story to inspire the world!

Background Check Required.

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Current List of Volunteers: 

Erin Sabina - Julie Boyer - Dawn Ross - Cris Mardres - Gwendlyn Williams, Tonya Short - Maxicelia Robinson - Kayla Baker - Brad Chaffee - Orion Harden - Sam Stapleton - Tiffany Rodriguez -


TAX ID: 83-0809136

The Love No Ego Foundation

P.O. Box 7134 

Charlottesville, Virginia. 22906

(434) 262-0442