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 How We Impact Our Youth

Youth Mentoring and Workshops
In-person and or Virtual Sessions Available 

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Our work is rooted in our Four Pillars of Spirituality, Exercise, Education, and Community. We are able to apply trauma-informed care principles, therapeutic, restorative and healing action steps, and what we call, "Being and Now Practices". Majority of our programming occurs outdoors in Nature all year long.


Natural vs Unnatural

Knowing the difference between BEING & DOING; establishing the foundation for success.


Living Natural

Facilitating a daily practice through activities to live more intuitively/universally rather than worldly. Utilize the tools of the world, but don’t let them use You.


Accepting Oneself

​Realizing and embracing that You are already awesome, courageous, and unique. Becoming inspired and grateful that You are Life!


Learning of the Pillars

Understanding how building daily habits in Spirituality, Education, Exercise, and Community contribute to a better YOU.


Living the Pillars

Facilitating a daily practice that embodies the activities that support each pillar.


Goal Accomplishment

Start to accomplish external goals and follow through on desired interests to extend the You out into the world.


Learning of the Principles

Intuitively seeing and understanding that You always have a choice to choose between the good and bad, love or ego.


Living the Principles

Implementing a daily practice of the Principles to help guide good decision-making skills.


Community Connection

Become embedded into and a part of the community via environmental and communal projects.


  • A Sense of Belonging: understanding and acceptance of why and how our youth are already great and meant for greatness

  • Peer Pressure: how being the best You reduces the pressure to conform, fit in, or compare oneself to others

  • Organization: how to set, plan, and create positive experiences. 

  • Internal Conflict and Esteem: how to improve spiritual, physical, and mental fitness (overall wellness).


  • ​Development of a Healthy Identity

  • Improved Self-Awareness

  • Psychological Social-Emotional Support and Growth

  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness Support

  • More Accepting to Challenges

  • Job Placement (if applicable)

  • A Respect For Nature and an Increase In Outdoor Nature-Play

  • A Practice of Respect and Humility

  • Sustainable and Consistent Motivation

  • Improved Confidence and Attitude

  • Goal Attunement and Accomplishment

The Courage to Be You!


  • Free initial consultation with youth (parent/guardian approved if under 18 years of age)

  • One in-person, up to 1.5-hour session per week or bi/weekly depending upon client's needs

  • Unlimited & inspirational text, Zoom/Face time conversations, and or email for the duration of mentorship

  • Options of 4, 8, or the usual12-week continuous mentoring sessions. 

  • Periodically, additional group sessions with other mentees and mentors may occur

  • Costs average $60-$80 per session. We aim to have mentorship costs covered by Grants, Partnerships, Sponsors, and Donations although not always available. Our goal is to not burden the family with these costs. Donations from the family and supporters of the family are always welcomed.  

  • After initial consultation, and all parties are in agreement, parents/guardian completes forms #1 Service Agreement/Intake Form and 3) Activity Waiver on our Forms Page

Available options:

Ensuring relevance to the participants, the methodology can vary based on age group of participants. Workshops are meant to be very inspiring and encouraging. We directly dive into the everyday pressures and challenges of participants while applying our pillars, principles, strategies, and overall messaging helping them to overcome and go beyond their limitations. In helping to effectively relay our “Love...No Ego” message, we used a variety of props, including sketch boards, our very own puzzles, our very own tool box, timers, yoga/exercise mats, music, and more, based on the participants. Note: we utilize Nature (outdoors, hikes, group walks) as often as possible to help hone in the message of Love...No Ego.




Available options:

CONTACT US AT 434-262-0442 or at

"I remembered what my mentor Freddy said about not letting the ego part take over. I found myself in a hostile situation at school where a kid wanted to fight me. And I also knew that if I would have fought him, I probably would have been kicked off my soccer team. I restrained myself from fighting. I chose what I love, which was soccer, and not this egotistical situation. I now practice LoveNoEgo on a daily basis with so many things. Thanks Freddy!"

- G.K., anonymous middle school student

"What Freddy has taught me most is to simply and genuinely to do what I love without stepping on other people's toes." 

- Demetrius Davis, Buckingham County High School

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