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Love...No Ego Mentors (back to Find A Mentor's page)

  • Passionate About Learning

  • Accepts the Role of Mentor

  • Accepts the Mentee

  • Always Positive

  • Confident

  • Very Self-Discipline

  • Great Listener and Communicator

  • Always Present, Honest, and Open

  • Very Resourceful

  • Motivating, Encouraging, and Inspiring

LNE Mentors are humbled and passionate individuals who move with purpose and demonstrate the exact behaviors that he or she is teaching. We listen, observe, and provide honest and timely feedback. We build positive and strong relationships with our mentees as well as their families and schools. We are always ready to play a significant and consistent role in young people's lives, helping them to be their best selves. Through a commitment of continuous excellence, we empower our mentees as well as each other, to live and promote a positive and inclusive message. 

Complete the Mentor's Questionnaire below. 

Interested in becoming a Love...No Ego Mentor? Complete the Mentor's Questionnaire, and we'll get back to you asap!

Mentor's Questionnaire

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