Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Love No Ego Foundation started as a Limited Liability Company in 2016 and received its 501c3 nonprofit status in 2018. Founder and Executive Director Freddy Jackson started with a vision to serve the youth of central Virginia. Now as a purposely driven and fast growing organization, the Love No Ego Foundation is serving locally, regionally, nationally, and with dreams of growing internationally, providing positive change to the youth and young adult population, inspiring and improving the quality of life for many.


Foundation board members bring unique expertise in humanitarianism and compassionate giving, as well as an enduring commitment to serving our donors and our communities.

Freddy Jackson - Founder & Exec Dir
Freddy Jackson - Founder & Exec Dir

Freddy oversees the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Serving as a key brand and image of The Love No Ego Foundation, Freddy performs keynote and motivational speaking presentations to relating organizations, engages in community events, and attends and assists in organizational trainings, as well as other key acts.

Sade Ming - Chair
Sade Ming - Chair

Sade ensures the scheduling of dates, times and locations for meetings. Confirm and ensure sufficient time and agenda for meetings, and that meetings are called and held in accordance with the bylaws and structure of The Love No Ego Foundation. She is creative and delegates ways to improve community outreach and overall effectiveness.

Kyle Ervin Vice Chair
Kyle Ervin Vice Chair

Kyle acquires resources, seeks support, and create opportunities that aim to enhance the programs of The Love No Ego Foundation, turning opportunities into events and solid connections. He thinks critically and creatively on how to serve our target audience.

Beth Daane - Donor Relations Coordinator
Beth Daane - Donor Relations Coordinator

Beth researches grants and fundraising opportunities, creating and overseeing events relating to fundraising and meeting deadlines. Beth is creative and purposeful about ways to strengthen and enhance the foundation's mission via finances, enabling us to maintain effectiveness.

Kofi Brinkley - Programs Initiator
Kofi Brinkley - Programs Initiator

Kofi connects our current programs to resources including stakeholders, sponsors, and donors, while also developing new programs and partnerships. In addition, with his Tier 2 Technical Expertise, Kofi is able to apply technical solutions to the foundation's issues, such as local system set-up, local network issues, or compliance with data and interoperability standards.

Fitzgerald Brown - Treasurer
Fitzgerald Brown - Treasurer

Fitz oversees all aspects of financial management to safeguard the foundation’s finances including financial growth and direction.

Tiffany Rodriguez - CIIL
Tiffany Rodriguez - CIIL

Community Inform and Impact Liaison - Tiffany is our "in the trenches" liaison who maintains our relevancy in the communities we aim to serve. She is an active advocate of our mission via many platforms.

Cris Mardres - Volunteer Coordinator
Cris Mardres - Volunteer Coordinator

Cris recruits and manages groups of volunteers and interns for the organization, while also sharing in creating opportunities to further the mission and vision of The Love No Ego Foundation.

Secretary - Acting Intern
Secretary - Acting Intern
Victoria Gontarz  -  Data Analyst
Victoria Gontarz - Data Analyst

Victoria, through various methods, collects and stores data regarding the impact of our services and sales. She brings technical expertise to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design and present it in ways to help make the organization better.

Emily Jackson - Team Support Specialist and Event Coordinator
Emily Jackson - Team Support Specialist and Event Coordinator

Emily supports the team in event coordination and related community outreach, sponsorships and data retrieval, as well as administrative organization.

The Love No Ego Foundation also believes in utilizing interns and volunteers to help promote our mission while enhancing the community. 

Some of the benefits include finding future employees, increasing productivity, increasing visibility on high school and college campuses, enhancing the learning perspective, taking advantage of free or low-cost labor, helping to  close the skills gap, giving back to the community, and being a bridge for many into their respective field of interest.  

Interns and Volunteers

Advisory Team

The Love No Ego Advisory Team is a team of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the Board of The Love No Ego Foundation, making the organization more effective. The Advisory Team provides non-binding strategic advice to The Love No Ego Foundation, giving the organization greater flexibility in structure and management. 

DaVida Wingfield, Advisory Team- The Love No Ego Foundation

Davida N. Wingfield


Davida is a Community Practitioner who has over 20 years of experience in the area of developing nonprofits. She has raised millions for her clients and is especially noted for her ability to help faith-based organizations and newly formed non-profits find success among mainstream non-profits on the competitive field of fund development.

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Ishaani Geetam, Advisory Team- The Love No Ego Foundation

Geetam Khaond


Geetam is a global management professional and a social entrepreneur with 22 years' experience in international development and social enterprise sectors in U.S., Europe and Asia, with expertise in strategic management, human capital, operations, and policy & planning. A Master’s degree in Public Administration and an MBA in HR have powerfully supported her in these roles. Her natural love for a deep connection with people from all ethnicities and stages of life, her travel to 19 countries and living experience in North America, Australia, Eastern Europe, South Asia and South America have tremendously enriched her personal and professional paths, helping her to forge connections and bridge gaps in many ways.

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Gary Von Kennel, Advisory Team- The Love No Ego Foundation

Gary Von Kennel

As the first Global CEO of Rapp Collins Worldwide, Gary built Rapp Collins’ worldwide network of over 60 offices in 30 countries into a Global Brand. Gary was promoted from CEO to Global CEO of Rapp Collins in April 2006 – a first ever for the agency. Gary’s fourth CEO position for Omnicom in a seven year run…Agent of Change!

Gary's experience includes the roles of a “corporate reconstruction” consultant for Capital Southwest, lead the new corporate strategy and management team for Heelys Corporation, management restructure and new marketing strategy for Blue Magic (Board Member), Lifemark Corporation, provided marketing strategy and new management recommendations, and more. Gary currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife (Jane) of 47 years. 

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Maurice Carter, Advisory Team- The Love No Ego Foundation

Maurice Carter

Maurice has a number of professional and educational achievements to his credit, including being the visionary and leader of the Crystal Cathedral Ministry. A native of Fluvanna, Virginia, he is a professed lifetime educator, orator and motivator for the last 40 years. 

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