Thank YOU for landing on our jobs and careers page! We are genuinely excited about the idea of having you join the Love...No Ego (LNE) Team and share in this beautiful work!
Please see our opportunities and their brief descriptions listed below. Please note that most of our position are volunteer positions with minimum pay (such as stipends) which is based on our available funding.  Interested persons should send an email with a resume and cover letter to with the name of the position you are applying for in the subject field. We will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 
Thank you.

Social Media Specialist 

The ideal candidate would be responsible for increasing brand awareness by creating and administering content on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, and build an audience and ensure customer engagement. The Specialist in conjunction with our Programs Initiator and Executive Director, may also monitor site metrics, respond to reader comments, and oversee creative design.


The successful candidate must be familiar with the mission of The Love No Ego Foundation, be an excellent communicator, a versatile creative writer, and a team player. You will be an active participant in data collection and analyses in order to consistently improve the foundation's social media practices over time.

  • Social Media Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Developing social media content plans that are consistent with the foundation's brand identity.

  • Creating consistent, meaningful content on all social media platforms, including writing and editing social media posts, improving customer engagement, and promoting social media campaigns.

  • Managing a high volume of daily social media posts.

  • Communicating with social media followers, including responding to queries in a timely manner.

  • Developing and managing social influencer programs and attending social influencer events.

  • Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, and Facebook Insights to monitor and evaluate the company’s social media presence and performance.

  • Preparing monthly reports on social media marketing efforts.

  • Suggesting recommendations to adjust the social media marketing strategy for optimal results.

  • Staying up to date on best practices and emerging trends in social media.

  • Performing other duties when needed.

Social Media Specialist Requirements:

  • Have a Creative Vision and Free Spirit

  • College Degree Not Required

  • Background Check Required 

  • Experience in communications, marketing, or a related field.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and must have a thorough understanding of social media management and strategy.

  • Experience using various analytics software.

  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • Multi-tasking and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

Interested parties should send an email to along with your resume and brief cover letter, or call (434) 262-0442. Brief Training and Background check required.


Upholding the mission, principles, and vision of LoveNoEgo, The Volunteer Advocate Team is a volunteer community outreach team that advocates for Love and Communication. Our advocation purpose includes supporting the LoveNoEgo Brand of ensuring success for our kids and young adults. We encourage volunteers of all kinds as we aim to utilize your strengths and areas of passions to help strengthen our team and better this world. There are many ways to get involved. Overall, we want to teach and show the youth how to live from their natural love space rather than the egotistical space. And we do that through four main services: Professional Motivational Speaking, Mentoring, Workshops, and Athletic, Fitness, & Health Training.

Some Purposeful Acts include: - Recruitment of Other Volunteers Assist and or Table at Community and Organizational Events and Workshops - Connect With Other Organizations, Individuals, or Groups with Similar Missions - Perform Administrative Work Create, Help Create, and or Lead Programs and Events - Dedicate a minimum of 1-2 hours a week to the cause. If you would like to volunteer for us and help serve the youth community, please send email to or call (434) 262-0442. Volunteer is a non-paid position, although expense reimbursements are granted. Background check required. Volunteer Page!


Love...No Ego Mentors are professionals who demonstrate the exact behaviors that he or she is teaching. We listen, observe, and provide honest and timely feedback. We build positive and strong relationships with our mentees as well as their families and schools. We are always ready to play a significant and consistent role in young people's lives, helping them to be their best selves. Through a commitment of continuous excellence, we empower our mentees as well as each other, to live and promote a positive and inclusive message. Here are some of the qualities that we are looking for in a mentor. 

  • Passionate About Learning

  • Accepts the Role of Mentor

  • Accepts the Mentee

  • Always Positive

  • Confident

  • Very Self-Discipline

  • Great Listener and Communicator

  • Always Present, Honest, and Open

  • Very Resourceful

  • Motivating, Encouraging, and Inspiring

Visit our Mentor's Page for more info on what we do and how to become a Love...No Ego Mentor.​

If this sounds like you, and or you are interested in becoming a Love...No Ego Mentor, please send an email to along with your resume and brief cover letter, or call (434) 262-0442. Training and Background check required.


Treasurer (Board Position)

The Treasurer conducts financial management and/or oversight.

Manage or oversee the management of the financial affairs of the organization, often including such basic tasks as reconciling bank statements, managing QuickBooks system, building business credit, and managing cash flow.

May also be responsible for investing funds consistent with applicable laws.

Should be knowledgeable about who has access to the organization’s funds and any outstanding bills or debts owed.

Create and maintain systems for ensuring the foundation's ongoing solvency and oversee the development of the organization’s financial policies, such as check signing authority, expense reimbursement, credit card usage, and petty cash policies.


Budgets. Responsible for preparing, or facilitating the preparation of an annual budget, as well as regularly monitoring and comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget. The development of a budget that supports the organization’s goals and drives decision-making is an important part of The Love No Ego Foundation's success in effectuating its mission. The budget should be reviewed and approved by the board, however, the Treasurer should be prepared to explain and justify the document.

Reports. The Treasurer should have thorough knowledge and understanding of the Love No Ego Foundation's financial reports and important financial ratios. The Treasurer should keep the board apprised of key financial events, trends, and concerns, and her assessments of the organization’s fiscal health. The Treasurer is also generally responsible for completing or ensuring the completion of, required financial reporting forms (including the correct  IRS Forms) in a timely manner and making these forms available for the board’s review.


Financial Liaison. The treasurer should be able to translate financial concepts and information for board members who do not have financial backgrounds or substantial financial experience. The Treasurer should spend time learning the particulars of the organization’s finances and the applicable laws, which may include laws related to earned income, the unrelated business income tax, appropriate expenditures, and prudent investments. The Treasurer can be most effective to the board when she/he is facilitating and encouraging the board’s strategic thinking about the short and long-term financial vitality of the foundation in relation to its advancement of the foundation's mission.

Interested parties should send an email to along with resume and cover letter, or call (434) 262-0442.

Event Coordinator (Board Position)

The duties and responsibilities of an Event Coordinator center on planning and managing events of varying sizes and purposes. Coordinators must have a feel and understanding of what it takes to make sure the logistics work out, keep everything within the allocated budget and ensure that the event itself is carried out smoothly. Here are the most essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors and venues

  • Planning event details and aspects, including seating, dining, and guests

  • Creating reliable financial reports and collecting payments on time

  • Remaining under budget with all costs

  • Managing events and addressing potential problems that may arise

  • Planning for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event

  • Maintaining a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events

  • Communicating with other team members for optimal performance and execution of events

  • Be ethical.

Interested parties should send an email to along with resume and cover letter, or call (434) 262-0442.

Volunteer Coordinator (#2, Board Position)

The volunteer coordinator's responsibilities include recruiting and training new volunteers, keeping a database of volunteer information and skills, matching volunteers to opportunities that suit their skills, keeping volunteers informed, and conveying the organization's purpose to the public in relation to the mission of The Love No Ego Foundation. 

See our Volunteering Page for more info.

Global Brand Influencer

The Global Brand Influencer is someone who discovers, understands, innovates, and implements the "Love...No Ego" brand and mission while segmenting and engaging our audience, employees, stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and customers. We are looking for someone who can do this on a global level. 

GBI must possess the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience, and have a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages.

  • Become Familiar with the  "Love...No Ego" Brand and mission.

  • Promote Love...No Ego's products and services. 

  • Contact, connect and build relationships with people across the world. 

  • Wear and promote "Love...No Ego" gear. See OUR STORE!

  • Influence human behavior that brings positive attention to our Love...No Ego Brand. 

  • Share across your personal or newly created social media profile(s).

Interested parties should send an email to along with resume and cover letter, or call (434) 262-0442.

LNE Team Handbook