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In Freddy’s words...


Born in the small town of Buckingham, Virginia, I began my journey and developed a passion for meeting, interacting, and loving people. I always seem to find a passionate path to follow and a dream to pursue. My parents, Charles and Queen Jackson, did their absolute best for us, me and my only sibling, my Brother, who is nine years older than me. My parents, like all parents (I feel), were and are very influential. 


Early Struggles: 

There were early struggles. As young as I can remember, I was exposed to drug activity, infidelity, violence, and the pain of losing loved ones. I had and still have a lot of friends and family that went to prison, jail, or to the grave. I remember losing my cousin Eric to gun violence. I remember thinking that I was going to lose my Dad to the same. I remember losing my cousin Theodore to a house fire, and my friend Michael to a swimming accident, in which he drowned. I remember losing my friend Chiquita, aka Chi-Chi, to gun violence, an act that not only took her life, but her boyfriend’s as well, leaving behind their 2-month old son. My grandfathers, Eddie and Leroy, both of them loved me dearly. But man, were they dangerously crazy. There are so many stories I could share here. But you get the picture. 


There was also a lot of good! My mom made me go to church and get involved in the church. I ushered, sang in the youth choir, and even dabbled with the drums and piano. I began to learn what Love was and is. At five years old, I began playing sports, particularly baseball, basketball, and football. I also participated in other sports and activities. I was open to try it all. I played a variety of sports. I often competed with my Brother in everything. Him being nine years older than me didn’t even enter my mind. I thank my Brother for the many lessons he helped to teach me, even when and if I wasn’t ready to learn it :) .  Love you Big Bro.


I had a ton of positive coaches, teachers, aunts, uncles, and older cousins who were all a part of my great supporting cast. They were and are spiritual people. They just loved the best way they knew how. I thank them all, particularly, my Mom, for this period of my life. 


Graduation: I graduated from Buckingham High School in 1994. I worked hard, often holding two jobs at once. I partied. I drank. I smoked marijuana. After three years of that and thinking that I was going to make all the money in the world by working as many jobs as I could, I was burned out, and seeking more from life. 


I listened more to the influences around me, which lead me to the idea of returning to I had been out three years. It was 1997. I was still good at basketball. After loads of hard work, communication, and contacting junior colleges in neighboring states, I earned an athletic scholarship to Potomac State College of West Virginia University in Keyser, West Virginia. I had made a positive change in my life. From here, I never looked back. I was the leading scorer my two years there before catching the eyes of the Virginia Tech University basketball coach, Bob Hussey. After a brief stint at VT, I went on to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I finished my basketball career there, earning my Bachelor’s of Arts in Radio Broadcasting, Journalism. 


I loved the arts, particularly writing ads, poems, and songs. I had started Disc Jockeying at age thirteen. We had always been a very musical family. Music was everywhere and on all the time. It was fitting that it also struck and inspired me. After two gruesome ankle injuries, I began to follow this music dream more passionately. I wrote and produced five hip-hop albums, two gospel albums for other people, and a load of songs for other artists across the country. This took me to perform all over the country, and also live in a variety of places throughout the U.S., including Austin, Texas, Chicago, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Throughout my travels and brief stints in different cities across America, I also acquired two Master of Arts Degrees, M.A in Psychology and M.A. in Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. I also became a certified personal trainer in 2007, a certification that I maintain to this day. I had also been involved in social work and working with at-risk youth in the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, via the organization, Three Rivers Youth. 


So Why Love...No Ego?

My last musical project was/is titled “Love...No Ego”. 


I had become frustrated with all industries, including the music industry, the fitness industry, and the sports industry. The direction of it all was geared towards fame, good looks, and money...and at any and all costs.  I didn’t like the way we (humans) treated each other. I didn’t like the lack of and fast-growing rate of unaccountability in our communities, in this country, and in this world. I didn’t like all the different of what I call, the “categories of division’, including race, religion, politics, and social status. And most importantly, I became aware of how the ego was running the world and my life. It was evident and clear that I and we needed more Love and less ego. 


With the help of some wonderful and influential people, In 2016, I birthed the Love No Ego Foundation, an inclusive message for all, but with a focus on Youth Empowerment. It’s bigger than just a music album. It’s bigger than fitness. It’s bigger than race, religion, and politics. It’s about being HUMAN. It’s about being the best version of yourself every single day. And to accomplish that, we need to leave our egos out of it. 


Now, I help youth, young adults, groups, teams, and organizations find purpose and sustain true motivation with a desire to go for their dreams. As I travel to schools, college campuses, churches, community events, residential treatment facilities, and more, giving presentations, conducting workshops, mentoring, and athletic training, I’m honored to be in a position of purpose...inspiring, learning, and sharing...helping people of all ages, especially our youth, because they are the future.


Thank you for reading…. Freddy


When your energy is Love...NoEgo._When y
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