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Freddy Jackson, Founder, Executive Director, and Professional Speaker of The Love No Ego Foundation
  • Native of Buckingham, Virginia

  • Former College Athlete

  • Former Music Artist

  • Former Counselor, Life-Skills Coach, & Case Manager

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism - Radio Broadcasting

  • Master of Arts in Psychology

  • Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

  • Wilderness First Aid Certified

  • Educator in ACPS

  • YMCA Board Member
    Event Emcee

  • Author


Freddy's Story

Freddy founded The Love No Ego Group in 2016. In 2018, it became a 501c3 Nonprofit, The Love No Ego Foundation. 

His LoveNoEgo philosophy serves as the foundation for pushing the human spirit into greatness. He delivers powerful and relevant speaking presentations, mentors, personal trains, and conducts workshops for youth and young adults, groups, teams, and organizations around the world. Freddy utilizes his Pillars of Spirituality, Exercise, Education, and Community, and his principles of Love Over Ego, Love Over Fear, and Communication Over Conflict to enable the youth to excel beyond their everyday pressures. His approach improves their overall awareness, promotes self-development, helps them to notice the ego, and gets them truly excited about living life!


  • Creates Calm, Clear, Connections Within and Between Participants to Open the Gates of Communication

  • Provides the Tools for Participants to Recognize and Rise Above the Limitations of the Ego

  • Helps Participants to Experience Long-Term Satisfaction Rather Than Short-Term Gratification.

  • Creates Good Decision-Makers

Mr Love...No Ego, Freddy Jackson
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