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Extended Workshop Curriculum

An eight-week workshop to help youth and young adults ages 10-24, be happy, successful, and productive human beings in society. We implement the LNE curriculum via group presentations, group discussions including personal story-telling, writing exercises, and physical exercises and activities. All writing and note-taking materials provided by LNE.


On site of your organization, school, or business.

Have LNE staff come to your organization, school or business and conduct the curriculum weekly, or have LNE staff train your staff and team on how to implement the curriculum. 

Occurring a minimum of once per week with each session lasting a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of  1.5 hour.



  • Love...No Ego Stickers: Each student gets 2 Love...No Ego Stickers for laptop, notebook, water bottle, etc

  • Love...No Ego Book, Where Are You Living From: Option of every participant receives a signed copy, or engaged participants get a signed copy.

  • Love...No Ego T-Shirts & Apparel: Occasionally throughout the workshop series, a student may receive a LNE T-shirt for excellent engagement.

  • Presentation and Workshop Materials:  provided by The Love No Ego Foundation.

  • Interested students who are super inspired by this message, have the opportunity to become LNE Ambassadors, representatives of the message within their school and community. Details provided upon request.

  • Each participant receives an official certificate of completion. 


Intended Outcomes For Participants: 


  • The Ability to Create Better Life Experiences Through Making Better Decisions

  • The Ability to Respond to Challenges With Positive Action

  • Improved Levels of Self-Acceptance, Responsibility, and Accountability

  • The Development of a Healthy Identity

  • To Be Kind (to oneself and others)

  • Improved Self-Awareness

  • Create and Practice Good Daily Habits

A few examples of areas we address:

  • Staying Motivated 

  • Confidence Vs. Ego

  • Conforming and Peer Pressure

  • Pressure to Succeed

  • Family and Sibling Pressure

  • Competition

  • Music and Technology: Serve You or Intrude on You

  • Too Much Media, Not Enough Social - Social Media Etiquette 

  • Trauma - Where are You Living From...Love or Ego? And Why?


The Process:

In ensuring relevance to the participants, the methodology can vary based on age group of participants.  Workshops and presentations are meant to be very inspiring and encouraging, touching on our 4 Pillars and 3 Principles. In helping to effectively relay our “Love...No Ego” message, we used a variety of props, including sketch boards, our very own puzzles, our very own tool box, timers, yoga/exercise mats, music, and more, based on the participants. 

Get in touch with us to learn more. 

(434) 262-0442

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  • The Love No Ego Foundation
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Lead  by Founder, Exec Director, and Speaker, Freddy Jackson

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